'Drawing on religious themes, world politics, and historical realism, The Jesus Christ Cypher is a "must-read" for fans of action, adventure, and ancient history.'

A gripping action-adventure novel about ancient mysteries and modern problems.'

Following a brutal murder at the heart of the European government, world-renowned geneticist Lydia del Biondo finds herself caught up in a geopolitical and ideological war that has been raging between religious factions for centuries.

With the world in the grip of a global pandemic, and nations on the brink of collapse, Lydia must race across the globe in search of an artefact that could save humanity from extinction and help her to solve an ancient mystery.

About the Author

Sebastian Kentor

About the Author

Sebastian Kentor was born in Brussels, and works in the Belgium capital for one of the European Union's key institutions. Inspired by the works of Dan Brown and J.K. Rowling, he has been writing in his spare time away from his day-to-day job. Dedicated to his supportive family and all COVID-19 outbreak victims, The Jesus Christ Cypher is his debut novel and one you will not want to put down!

Customer's Response

I was attracted to this book because of my interest in all things Egyptian. It is a great read for those with similar interests and those that like movies like The DaVinci Code. This is a great book and hard to put down. Although the number of pages can seem daunting, once the book is started it will seem like time flies. Great read and would highly recommend it
I recommend reading this book for the storyline not necessarily for the writing. I like this type of story and I will probably read the next book which I hope will be less frantic. This may seem a negative review but I read the whole book, skipped nothing which means to me, that it was very much worth reading.
Jalna law
A top quality read! It is extremely relevant for what is going on in the world today. As those in charge try to get people back on side with a new narrative. It’s pure suspense, a thriller that will keep you on edge until the end...thrilling escapism and very current! I’m expecting future for this Author
Rob Moore
Amazing thriller, I really enjoyed Lydia del Biondo as feminine version of Robert Langdon. I think Dan Brown and James Rollins finally found their match in Sebastian Kentor who will dazzle you in an exciting adventure around the world revealing supring locations in Brussels, Cairo, The island of Crete, New York and Israel. I loved the teaser he left at the end of the book. By the way when is it coming out ?
5.0 out of 5 stars The best adventure since The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown watch-out. I loved the way the author made the plot keeping you on the edge untill the end with so many breathtaking cliffhangers. Like with Dan Brown it takes you to real places, and he reveleas surprisingly secrets. I love Egypt so from the trailer, I knew it will be a cool book. Never visited Brussels, after this book it is definitely on my destinations map. Egypt’s Grand Egyptian Museum seems amazing and the action in the pyramid so cleverly written. Hopefully Mr Kentor will not let us waiting so much as the other authors in his genre.
Victor Stoltz
So, apart from the title which honestly I think it's not quite appealing, everything else is stunning. The characters, the history ,the research, the places...a full rollercoaster of emotions. A good thriller book, a good adventure book, a fantastic ending. At the end of was like the author thought..hmm one twist plot isn't enough, here take another one and be mesmerized. Well done, can't wait for the next book!
Diana Filip